Verification of Draper Semi-analytical Satellite Theory (DSST) in Orekit


AAS/AIAA paper


Verification of the Java Orekit implementation of the Draper Semi-analytical Satellite Theory (DSST) is discussed. The Orekit library for space flight dynamics has been published under the open-source Apache license V2. The DSST is unique among analytical and semi-analytical satellite theories due to the scope of the included force models. However, the DSST has not been readily accessible to the wider Astrodynamics research community. Implementation of the DSST in the Orekit library is a comprehensive task because it involves the migration of the DSST to the object-oriented Java language and to a different functional decomposition strategy. The resolution of the code and documentation anomalies discovered during the verification process is the important product of this project.

  • Cefola P., Bentley B., Maisonobe L., Parraud P., Di-Costanzo R. & Folcik Z. (2013) Verification of the OREKIT Java implementation of the Draper semi-analytical satellite theory. Proceedings of the AAS/AIAA Spaceflight Mechanics Meeting; in Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, 148. ISBN: 978-0-87703-597-8 (pdf)